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Salesforce Virus Protection for Government

EZProtect Antivirus Protection

No organization is immune.

Salesforce does NOT provide a way to prevent users from uploading certain types of files, or to scan attachments, document uploads, or chatter for viruses or malicious content. This is a huge security risk for all Salesforce users, especially when a Salesforce application is publicly exposed through communities and sites.com. Thankfully, there is a solution -- EZProtect by Adaptus protects your Salesforce Org with a simple, elegant, world-class solution to protect against viruses of all types.

  • Community Portals
    EZProtect is designed to scan community portals (internal and external) for malicious software.
  • Chatter & Content
    EZProtect scans chatter, documents and any uploaded content within Salesforce.
  • Customization
    EZProtect was developed for flexibility and may be customized to accommodate special requirements for Government and large enterprises.

Key Features include:

  • Scans Salesforce chatter files, documents, attachments and content for harmful viruses.
  • File-type scanning allowing users to specify a list of file types that are allowed or denied (white list or black list)
  • Scanning of PDF files that contain JavaScript and therefore may contain malicious code
  • Scanning of static resources, as well as document, attachment, and content versions
  • Skip or filter scanning of one or more of the four main delivery avenues for harmful content within the Salesforce org (see threat vectors below).
  • Commercial or Gov. Cloud Hosting –hosting services on Amazon AWS and/or Gov. Cloud Regions.
  • Multiple “Org” connections – connect several Salesforce orgs to EZProtect. There is no limit.

Download the brochure to understand how EZProtect works>>