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Salesforce Virus Protection for Large Enterprises


EZProtect Antivirus Protection

No organization is Immune.

Salesforce does NOT provide a way to prevent users from uploading certain types of files, or to scan attachments, document uploads, or chatter for viruses or malicious content. This is a huge security risk for all Salesforce users, especially when a Salesforce application is publicly exposed through communities and sites.com.

Designed for large enterprises, EZProtect easily scans chatter files, documents, attachments, and content for harmful viruses within all variations of Salesforce including standard orgs, community portals, and chatter.

EZProtect is a third-party application that connects securely to your Salesforce organization via the Salesforce API to scan and quarantine files infected with viruses. Through careful and clean design, EZProtect makes the detection and deletion of viruses, malware, Trojan horses, and other malicious threats effortless and painless.

EZProtect is also the only Salesforce virus scanning application that allows users to connect and scan multiple Salesforce orgs under one, centralized application.  Meaning, users may use the EZProtect application as a centralized hub to monitor multiple orgs in aggregate, or individually.  And, you may also monitor scanning within each Salesforce org individually through a custom object tab.  This allows organizations to truly see the big picture simply and easily, but also provide immediate access to Salesforce admins working in the org directly.

EZProtect by Adaptus protects your Salesforce Org with a simple, elegant, world-class solution to protect against viruses of all types.

  • Community Portals
    EZProtect is designed to scan community portals (internal and external) for malicious software.
  • Chatter & Content
    EZProtect scans chatter, documents and any uploaded content within Salesforce.
  • Customization
    EZProtect was developed for flexibility and may be customized to accommodate special requirements for Government and large enterprises.

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